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This wiki will list all the haunted, paranormal gaming experiences of me and other people. A CreepyGaming can be anything on a game that is something unusual that only you have with a twisted experience, like a game edited, messed up bought by an unknown seller could be haunted. Feel free to write your CreepyGaming!


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Lavender Town

Lavender town is an example of a twisted side of a bright game. Very popular for a CreepyGame.

Lavender town is a dark side of the Pokémon universe, a place where the dead Pokémon belong. This was first in the very first Pokémon game, Pokémon Red and Green on the Gameboy. It is believed that if a child under the age of fully developed ears they will have very bad head aches or even go mental.

Listen to the music at your own risk:

Pocket Monsters Red & Green V1

Pocket Monsters Red & Green V1.0 - The Original Theme of Lavender Town

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