Blood Link
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I have lots of various accounts like YouTube (AwsomeTreeko42), ROBLOX (PlaystationV), I am also making a pokémon game. My email just incase is: and my PSN name is COD_DUDE911 join the winged club in ROBLOX (my club) for recent creepypasta news. Anyway, here's a cool story bro:


I first was searching across YouTube for a Zelda skyward sword and something caught my eye: BEN.wmv. I had no idea what that was so I clicked on it because of the thumbnail. I watched it and I didn't understand so I clicked the link in the description and read the whole story. It was from so 2 months later I realised I wanted to read another story like that so I read lots of those stories of the creepypasta wiki. It happened to give me a big idea to create a website like this.